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Phil Badura    Certified Business Coach

Are you looking to achieve real growth in your business?

Do you want to challenge yourself and your team to take your business forward?

Is your time being spent working IN the business when it needs you to be working ON the business?


As an accomplished Business Professional, Phil invested the first 31 years of his working life building a career at Senior Management level in the corporate world and over the past 13 years,  has run several of his own businesses and understands the pressures, challenges and pleasures associated with being your own boss.  

When it comes to business, there is a systematic way to grow and succeed.  The Coaching programs are designed to assist Business Owners in the 6 critical areas of business – we should talk if you want to achieve exceptional results in any (or all) of the following areas:


1.  Strategic Game Plan and Business Alignment, Business & Marketing Planning

You need to fall in love with your business again, has it become boring and at times you even feel sick of it all? … Time for a re-injection of that vision and passion you had when you first started! … You need to get clear on where you are now,  where you want to be, the gap in between and then develop the plan, strategies and processes to get you there.  Building both a simple business plan and a marketing plan will give you the clarity on not only what needs doing, but how to do it.


2.  Increasing Cashflow and Profits in the Business

You’re ready to make a whole lot more profit … if you’re not making anywhere near enough money to justify the effort, risk and investment you’re making in the business … it’s time to turn that around!

Around the world, Actioncoaches’ are recognised as the Guru’s in creating more profitability in businesses and have coached thousands of business owners to create the Cash, Cashflow and Profits they deserve.


3.  Marketing and Sales

You know that marketing and sales are the key to consistent selling of your services and products but what actually works and what is a waste of money? … Often over-hyped and over-complicated in business today, we take this complex area of business and make it easy and accessible by helping you put in place marketing that gets results and sales processes that consistently convert your leads into paying customers.


4.  Recruiting and Retaining the Best People in your Industry

You’re ready to develop a dream team of people that can run and grow the business whether you’re there or not … recruiting, training and keeping the best people makes your life so much easier … look at it this way, ‘If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur’ … Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have thorough systems and processes to get the right people in the right seats and keep the best?


5.  Your Time

You’re working too many hours and pretty sure that if you left for a vacation or holiday, things wouldn’t operate anywhere near as smoothly or effectively as they do now … You’re tired of the hours you put in and would like to be more efficient and effective – put another way, you’re ready to work a whole lot less … have more time for the things you love to do away from the business …


6.  Business Mindset and Education

As the title of Dr Marshall Goldsmith’s book reads ‘What you got here, Won’t get you there’ – you know that to grow you need to be learning more, but you don’t even have time to keep up your with your industry changes, let alone the changes in global business and how to improve it all … business education has moved into a new realm, so we’ll show you how to start, where to go for resources and what to focus on first …


If you have read this far, then my guess is you are looking to make progress in one or more of the categories above …

to make sure you move forward, email me now at philbadura@actioncoach.com

or Call me on 1300 030 475  and book a FREE 15 min call to map out your first steps …